Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

When we are talking about modern medical care then it is a must thing to talk about the hospitals of the UK. The hospitals which are situated in the UK are much more advanced than the most other hospitals of the European region. The UK is a very developed country in all the aspects you can imagine. From sports to modern technology in all aspects of life they are very much developed and experienced. Like the other things, the medical care system of the UK is also very advanced.

All kinds of modern medical care are available in the UK. All the hospitals of the UK are also highly monitored by the non-profit organization or trusts. These hospitals not only possess good medical technology but also have their own history. These hospitals are nonetheless historical monuments apart from the medical care.

The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a prominent name in the field of medical care in England. This hospital is situated at Fulham Road, Chelsea, London. It is a 430-bed hospital which has a very long history. The hospital is also a medical teaching centre and it is affiliated with the Imperial College London. There is also a dedicated emergency department in the hospital. The hospital is operated by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The present campus of the hospital was opened back in May, 1993. But the history of the hospital dates back to 1876. This hospital started its journey back in 1876 as St George’s Union Infirmary. The name of the institute was changed to St Stephen’s Hospital in 1925. The hospital joined the National Health Service back in 1948. Since then, the hospital has been a part of the NHS Foundation Trust.

The service of the hospital is world class. There is also a dedicated emergency service and a dedicated HIV care unit available in the hospital. Beside that the best hand trauma unit of England is available in this hospital. In this hand trauma unit, the specialists deal with different kinds of prosthetic surgeries of the hand and other kinds of hand related surgery are available here.

The HIV care unit of the hospital is very much popular for its services. The HIV unit of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is one of the largest HIV care units in the entire Europe. The HIV care unit has a name also, it is known as the St. Stephen’s Centre. The HIV care unit is also the home of the ‘International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’ also known as the IAVI. The Hospital also has its own radio station and the radio station started its journey back in 1977.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital has one of the best doctors available to them. Over the years this hospital has produced some of the best doctors in the European region and most of the doctors work in this hospital after they have completed their medical studies. The doctors of this hospital are very much qualified and have an enormous amount of experience in the field of medical science.

If you are interested in seeing a doctor from this hospital and want an appointment then you should check out the website of the hospital. In the website you can find all the details and necessary things you need to know about the doctors in the website. There is also an option for the patients to get online appointments via the website.

The helpline support team of the hospital is great. The helpline or hotline number of the hospital is online 24/7 and the patients can call at this number whenever they want. The patients can use this number for various purposes such as: they can file a complaint about the service of the hospital, they can get an appointment by calling at this number and many more things can be done by calling at this number.

The contact number of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is: +44-20-3315-8000. If a patient calls at this number and asks for any kind of assistance then the hospital will try to provide the services right away.

Updated: October 20, 2021 — 12:29 pm

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