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Chingari Bharat ka best apps – made in India – social app hai. This is the most popular short video making application for Android device which is made by India. After tik Tok banned in India it become very popular within 3 days. More than 2.5 million people download this application for creating short videos like tik Tok.

Are you looking for Chingari short video making application of India? Then this article will show you the download and installation process. By reading this article you will learn how to make short video using this application. Let’s get started learning about chingari app.

Chingari App

Chingari is one of the most downloaded app in Google Play Store from last 7 days. It has gained 4.5 star review. And it is expected that it is going to be an alternative of Tiktok. Tiktok is the most famous application in India for creating short video with musically.

After it get banned by Indian government chingari is receiving popularity. It is very easy to use this platform. Because easy navigation of latest physics is included in this application. So people of all ages can enjoy video editing without facing any trouble.

Chingari App APK Download

Sometimes you cannot download the application from Google Play Store. There may be many reasons. Firstly you might not have account in Google Play Store. Secondly you don’t have permission to download the app from your location. And thirdly you don’t know how to download application from Google Play Store.

There is one solution of all those problems. And that is downloading Chingari app apk file from the internet. And it is very easy of downloading the application for both IOS and Android. Now I am going to discuss how to download Chingari app .apk file for free.

First you need to open Google chrome browser.

Then search in Google by typing “Chingari app for Android” and press enter.

Click on the very first link from search result page.

From that website you need to look for download button.

Finally click on download button and install the application on your Android device.

How to Use Chingari App

It is very easy to use the application to create short video. We are going to show you step by step process of creating short videos by using Chingari app. in the latter part we will introduce the features of this app.

Download & Install: The very first step of using this application is you need to download and install the application. You can get the application from various sources. We suggest you to download the app from Google Play Store.

Open the app and Create Account: After opening the app you need to create your account. Without waiting account you can enjoy others video but you cant make your own. The process is very easy and simple. Here is a screenshot of creating account step by step.

Step 1: Sign in using your Google Account. If you already login on your Android device then your Google account will be shown here. And if you don’t have any Google account then you need to create one.

Step 2: Select your gender as male or female. In the next gap, you have to input your name. And the last blank space is optional. If you have invitation code then you have to input it.

Step 3: Follow some popular profile suggested by the app. You can skip this step. But in order to enjoy most popular videos you have to follow popular profiles.

Step 4: Edit your profile with your complete name, address and biography. From this option you can upload your profile picture.

How to Make Video using Chingari App

It is very easy to create short video using this application. But it is a matter of great sorrow that many of you don’t know how to do that. There may be some reasons behind this. It is very new application so many of its users are facing problem creating short video.

Don’t worry dear. We will show you the easy way of creating videos using this popular video making software. Follow the step by step process in order to launch creating videos and posting it on social medias and also in the app.

Open the App: At first you need to open the app. Please make sure that your data or Wi-Fi connection is turned on. High speed internet is is very essential for creating videos. Because Internet speed matters.

Click on Video Capture Sign: Click on video capture sign that shows you a video camera. There will be two options for you. You can add video from your gallery or capture live.

Add From Gallery: Add your favourite videos from your gallery or file Manager. In order to do that you must have give permission to the app.

Capture Live Video: By clicking on camera sign you can capture live videos by using both your two cameras. After capturing you need to edit the video with colourful effects.

Edit Your Video: You will get many fantastic options for editing your video. You can also add sound from your gallery or from the internet. From Add Music option you have to search your favourite music.

Add Video Effect: Add your favourite video effect from the menu. Here is a list of that. Select from the below list.

Why Chingari app Become so Popular

Within 2 days it becomes skyrocket in download number. Already it has downloaded for 5 million times from Google Play Store. There are some reasons behind the milestone popularity of this app. Now we are going to investigate the reasons behind the sky touching popularity of this app.

The very first and major reason is blocking Tiktok from India. Without blocking Tiktok India could not see this success. Because Chingari application was published in late 2018 and has only one lakh downloads till then. But after Tiktok Banned, it was mind blowing success and has 3 million download within 2 days.

The second reason is Indian people are motivated to boycott China products. And they are concentrating on using their own products. as we have already said this application is made by India, people of India are using and loving it.

How to Download Chingari Video?

Anyone can easily download original Chingari video from internet. There is many options available on the app for downloading videos in high quality. You can save those videos in your playlist. But currently you cannot download those videos in your storage.

But it is hope that in the next update video download in system will be included. For now you can try alternative ways of downloading those video in HD quality. Here we are going to show you all those possible ways of downloading Chingari app video.

By Using App: There are some third party app available in the internet that helps downloading Chingari video. We will update the list here and give you dirrect download link of those Android application.

Online Tools: It is a matter of great excitement that anyone can simply download videos by providing video link to third party website. It is very easy way. You just need to copy paste the video link online video downloader. Then within a few seconds the program will give you direct download link in HD quality.

Screen Capture: This is the easiest way of downloading Chingari app video. But you cannot get audio included on those videos. Because this function will only capture the screen.

Available Video Quality to Download from the App

There are options available for downloading the videos from the app. You can get videos in high quality. There are some resolution of those high quality videos. If you wish to download videos in full HD then you need to select 1080P.

This will be best for laptop or computer. But if you wish to wash does videos in your mobile device then you should select 720 pixel. That is the standard resolution of HD video for mobile.

And if your device resolution is lower than that then you must select 420P or 360P.

According to your data setting, all the video will be downloaded in high quality audio. So you need not worry about audio quality.

Chingari App Which Country

This application is published in Google Play Store last year. After it publication it becomes very interesting to young people. Now it is the best time of chingari app. Because no other similar application is available for Indian people.

So people of India at searching about the country of origin of this application. And we are going to give you accurate information regarding this application.

This application is developed by India. And it is mostly used in India. But it is expected that very soon it will be circulated throughout the world. Because Indian people are everywhere in the world. Moreover India has a huge number of population.

Chingari App Owner Name

Most probably you have curiosity of knowing the name of founder and owner of Chingari app. He is an Indian. And the name of the man is ****.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Kivabe Chingari App Download Korbo?

Answer: The process of downloading Chingari application is very easy. Anyone can download and installation the application from Google Play Store.

Question: Is Chingari application free for all?

Answer: Yes, it is free for all. No premium version is released yet.

Question: How to create account on Chingari App?

Answer: Account creation system has been already discussed in the main portion of this article. You should take a look at that part.

Final Words

In conclusion we hope that you have successfully downloaded and learn the process of using Chingari app. Have you faced any problem downloading the app? Then please feel free to share with us. We will try our best to solve your problems. Thank you very much for reading our content. Please share with your friends.

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