Deliveroo Australia Contact Number (Helpline Number of Deliveroo Australia)

To enjoy your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant you do not need to go to the restaurant anymore. You can order your meal via a delivery platform and they will deliver your food to you in a short time. You can order your food from anywhere, from your office, home, or any other place just provide them the address they will give you when the delivery man reaches the destination.

Deliveroo is one of the international platforms of food delivery. Deliveroo is based in London, England. Two men named Greg Orlowski and William Chu founded this platform back in 2013. In the early days of Deliveroo’s operation, it only operated in the United Kingdom. Gradually it broadened the area of its business. Now Deliveroo is available in more than 200 hundred locations worldwide.

Deliveroo is currently available in the following nations: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

Over the years Deliveroo also introduced some subsidiaries which are Deliveroo Editions and Deliveroo Plus. Deliveroo Editions work to improve the ghost restaurants with their service and to help expand the business of these restaurants. Ghost restaurants are restaurants that do not have any shop or physical restaurant, these restaurants serve delivery meals only.

Deliveroo Plus is a subscription-based service. Customers have to pay a particular amount of money to Deliveroo every month. Then Deliveroo will deliver unlimited meals free of any kind of delivery cost.

A question can appear in one’s mind: how Deliveroo expanded its business in a short amount of time? Deliveroo is a cheaper option compared to its rivals. Deliveroo charges very little for every meal they deliver.

Deliveroo offers a huge amount of discount to the customers now and then. The customers love to get discounts on their deals. So, over the years people left many other platforms and joined Deliveroo. The new customers also get many mouth-watering deals. The first order of every new customer is free of any kind of delivery charge. Deliveroo also provides two to three vouchers to the customers for setting up a new account.

Deliveroo’s employees are well trained and possess skills that are needed for the job. These employees know how to handle the customers.

Deliveroo prioritizes its customers above everything. Deliveroo wants to know about what the customers are thinking about the service of Deliveroo. For that reason, Deliveroo has employed a large number of employees to communicate with the customers. Deliveroo has hotlines in all the countries it operates. If a customer calls them and seeks assistance the employees of the call center try to solve the problem within no time.

Deliveroo Australia Contact Number

Customers can face many difficulties with Deliveroo’s service or maybe the customers have any queries about anything. Customers can also call if they have any questions about the vouchers and how to set up an account at Deliveroo’s website or app.

The restaurant’s owners can also call them if they have any queries or want to work with delivery in the future. The residents of Australia can call this contact number of Deliveroo: +61-02-8320-8541. You can also mail them at this address: There is also a contact option in the app of Deliveroo.

Helpline Number of Deliveroo Australia

Customers can seek assistance and call the helpline number for various reasons, sometimes the vouchers do not work, sometimes the customers face complications with their account and location, the customers also call sometimes and want to file a complaint against the riders.

The restaurant owners can also call the helpline and seek help in case of any problem they are facing with Deliveroo’s service. The helpline number of Australia is: +61-02-8320-8541. You can also email them at:

There is also a built-in help and support option in the app of Deliveroo which is very effective in case you want to communicate with Deliveroo’s management.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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