Deliveroo Dubai Contact Number (Helpline Number of Deliveroo Dubai)

Deliveroo the name is enough for its introduction. There are many world-class food delivery platforms across the globe and Deliveroo is one of the finest among them.

Deliveroo operates in more than two hundred territories worldwide. They serve in the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

Will Shu and Greg Orlowski founded Deliveroo back in 2013. At first, this delivery platform only operated in the United Kingdom, later it expanded its territory. Deliveroo is based in London, England, United Kingdom.

Later on, Deliveroo started its subsidiary platform and the name of this platform is Deliveroo Editions. Deliveroo Editions works with the ghost kitchens. Ghost kitchens are restaurants that only operate on delivery meals. Ghost kitchens do not possess any kind of on-sight restaurants.

Deliveroo makes its revenue in two ways. They charge their partner restaurants a small amount of money for every meal delivery and Deliveroo also charges a little amount of money to the customers to whom they deliver the food.

In recent times Deliveroo introduced a new product to the customers that is Deliveroo Plus. Deliveroo Plus is a subscription-based service. A customer can become a subscriber of Deliveroo Plus and have to pay a specific amount of money every month. For the subscription, the customer can enjoy unlimited free delivery throughout the month.

Deliveroo became a prominent figure in the delivery business in a very short time. Deliveroo is known for its innovative ideas. It is very cheap compared to its equivalent rivals. Deliveroo charges very little for its promising service.

Deliveroo is very resourceful in the case of the workforce. They have over 2,500 employees working for them worldwide. All the crew of Deliveroo is sufficiently qualified for the job. The employees of Deliveroo have the experience and they are also well trained.

Deliveroo is recognized for its discounts also. Deliveroo provides a huge amount of discounts in most of the deals. They also deliver the first order of every customer free of charge. In the holiday season, they give vouchers to their customers. The regular customers of Deliveroo and those who are subscribed to the Deliveroo Plus service get vouchers more often.

Deliveroo gives preference to their customer’s needs and thinking. For that reason, they have set up many hotlines and helpline centers in all the regions they operate.

Deliveroo Dubai Contact Number

Customers can call platforms similar to Deliveroo for many reasons. The customers can have questions about the service of Deliveroo. The customers can also have queries about how to sign up for Deliveroo’s app. Customers who don’t know how to redeem a voucher can also give a call to the contact number of Deliveroo.

The restaurant owners who are willing to work with Deliveroo can also contact them and seek professional assistance. At first, the person who wants to call Deliveroo’s contact number has to know the number which is assigned to his country. If the caller is currently in Dubai then he can call this number: +971-505-5563-78. You can also email them at the following address: You can also use the app to contact them.

Helpline Number of Deliveroo Dubai

Customers can call the helpline number of Deliveroo for any complication they face with the service of Deliveroo. Customers can also call them to seek aid in case of any problem with their Deliveroo account. Sometimes the servers get jammed by a lot of traffic and in these moments the orders can get messed up or vouchers can be shown invalid.

So, if you are a client of Deliveroo and encountering any of these complications do not hesitate to call them. You can also call them as an owner of a restaurant and let them know about your experiences. If you are using their services in Dubai then call this helpline number: +917-505-5528-63.

The helpline email address is Customers or the owners of restaurants can also use the app to seek help.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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