Evercare Hospital Delivery Package 2024 (Apollo Hospital Dhaka) – Cost for Normal, Painless & Cesarean Delivery

Our way of life has changed a lot in the last few decades as science and technology thrived over the years. Maybe nowadays we are living the most prosperous life in the history of human beings. We have discovered a lot of new scientific facts in recent years and now we are using these to improve our lifestyle. With all the things our medication system and technology has also changed entirely. Nowadays people do not follow pseudoscience any more in case of their medical care as there is a developed medical care system based on science that can treat most of the diseases successfully.

Apollo Hospital Dhaka Delivery Package

Medical science has changed on a large scale in the last few years. Nowadays, a good medical care system requires a lot more than just well qualified doctors. Medical science is also very much dependent on technology and machineries. The new technology and machinery of modern medical science has made the life of the doctors and the patients a lot easier. The crucial surgeries which used to take 10-12 hours of hard work now those surgeries can be done in only 3-4 hours. These days in some surgeries doctors do not need to cut open the patients, the doctors can simply implant microchips or a little mechanism inside a patient and the problem will be taken care of.

Bangladesh was a underprivileged country in the past but those days are gone. Now, Bangladesh is a very strong socio-economic country and with the development of the socio-economic status the lifestyle and the privileges also increased in this nation. People can now afford many things they were not able to afford beforehand. With all the changes occurring in this region the private medical sector also flourished dramatically. In the present date people do not need to travel abroad to seek world class medical attention. There are a lot of world class private hospitals in Bangladesh nowadays which are providing best medical attention to all kinds of patients.

There are three top notch high-end hospitals in Bangladesh which are Square Hospital, United Hospital Limited and Evercare Hospital which was previously named Apollo Hospital. Evercare Hospital is a subsidiary of the Evercare Group. Evercare Group is an international medical care group which has 30+ hospitals in 25 cities, 15 clinics and more than 50 diagnostics centers across two continents. Evercare Hospital Dhaka was established back in 2008 and since then it has been treating Bangladeshi people sincerely. The hospital is situated in the Bashundhara Residential Area, a very well-known location of the capital city of Bangladesh.

When this hospital was founded it was the one and only world class standard hospital of Bangladesh. In a very short period of time Evercare Hospital gained an enormous number of popularity and trust in Bangladesh due to their high standards of medical treatment. Evercare Hospital has the most qualified doctors, skillful surgeons and a dedicated medical team. Evercare Hospital also possesses all the modern equipment you need for a world class hospital and a set of well-trained technicians who can run the machinery.

In Evercare Hospital you can get all the medical attention you need in one place as it has a wide range of doctors and departments such as Cardiology, Urology, Oncology, Gynecology, Cancer, Dermatology, Dental and many others. The Gynecology department of Evercare Hospital is well-known for its service. Gynecology is a department where specialized doctors treat women related diseases and pregnant women. Baby delivery is also part of this department.

Baby delivery is a huge task for the pregnant woman and for the family too as the family has to collect medicines and other stuff all the time. So, if anyone does not want to go through the bothersome work they can try out the various delivery packages of Evercare Hospital. The packages vary from TK 100K to TK 130K and all the things a pregnant woman and the infant needs will be provided by the hospital. Even the hospital will see to all the medical needs of the infant for the first seven days.

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