Evercare Hospital Test Price List 2024

Evercare Hospital is a popular name in the field of medical care in Bangladesh. Most of the people know this hospital by its former name which is Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. Evercare has become a significant name in the present times in the medical sector. There are three high-end hospitals in Bangladesh which can truly provide world class treatment and the hospitals are United Hospital Dhaka, Square Hospitals and Evercare Hospital.

These three hospitals are so good that many people from outside the country visit Bangladesh just to seek medical assistance from these hospitals. These three hospitals have changed the entire medical scenario of Bangladesh without any doubt.

There was a time when the number of high-end private hospitals were zero and back then patients had to travel abroad in order to seek medical assistance but nowadays all the up-to-date medical facilities are available to the Bangladeshi people at their own soil. So, the tendency of going overseas has decreased on a huge scale for medical purposes.

Evercare, commonly known as Apollo Hospital, was founded back in 2007 in Bangladesh by Evercare Group. Evercare Group is a multinational group which has a lot of hospitals and diagnostics centers all across the African and Southeast Asian region. In all the countries of these regions Evercare Hospitals are situated. Evercare Group focuses on high-end medical care treatment.

Evercare has established hospitals in more than 10 countries and 30+ cities. Evercare has 50+ high-end diagnostics centers worldwide. There are two Evercare Hospitals available in Bangladesh one is situated in the Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka and another is situated at Chittagong. Evercare is a prominent name in the medical sector of Bangladesh.

Evercare Hospital has more than 425 beds in both of the hospitals. It is known to all that a hospital of this magnitude surely has the finest set of doctors, nurses, medical staff and a dedicated support team. But technology and modern equipment also play a huge part in the field of medical science these days.

Evercare Hospital also has all the modern equipment and technology at its disposal. These modern medical machineries are needed for surgery, diagnosis and many other things. Diagnosis plays a great role in order to identify a disease or to cure it. Without an accurate report a doctor cannot define a disease for sure.

Evercare hospital gives a great importance to the diagnosis reports and they also know the importance of a good diagnosis report. That’s why Evercare has established top notch laboratories, diagnosis equipment, test kits and hired the most experienced technicians who can do the job flawlessly.

The test reports of Evercare Hospital are 100% accurate and many well-known hospitals from Europe, America and many other countries accept the test reports of Evercare Hospital. All the diagnosis tests that take place in the Evercare Hospital are of international standard. It is true that the tests cost a bit much compared to the other hospitals. But you can surely spend a bit more when it is a question about your health.

Evercare Hospital has a bunch of test packages available for their patients and these packages help the patients to get some discounts on the tests. Whole body screening of an adult male above the age 45 costs here TK 26,500. The whole-body screening of a female whose age is above 45 costs TK 30,000. The whole-body checkup of a female below the age 45 costs TK 25,500.

The price of the heart checkup package here is TK 15,000. The price of executive health checkup for male or female costs here is TK 13,000. Child health screening here costs TK 8,500. The price of supplementary heart screening costs TK 7,500 at this hospital. Supplementary diabetic screening costs here TK 5,500.

The price of a supplementary kidney check costs TK 5,500. The price of Thyroid Screening here is TK 6,500. Cancer screening test costs 10,500. There are many more test and screening services available at the Evercare Hospital.

Evercare Hospital delivers the test reports very fast and the accuracy of the tests are unquestionable so if you are finding the best place to do some diagnostics test Evercare Hospital is surely the place.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:57 am

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