Foodpanda Philippines Contact Number (Helpline Number of Foodpanda Philippines)

A name which is considered as a legendary brand in the grocery and food delivery business is Foodpanda. It became a multi-million dollar business within a few years.

Foodpanda is a delivery service which is online based. Foodpanda was founded by two men named Rico and Nagel. They founded this delivery platform back in 2012. At first they operated only in Singapore. But over the years they expanded their business in every part of Asia.

In late 2016 ‘Delivery Hero’ purchased Foodpanda totally. The main shareholder of the Foodpanda company was Rocket Internet back then. They sold all their shares to Delivery Hero for 200 million USD. The Indian market share of Foodpanda was sold to Ola.

Ola purchased the Indian shares of Foodpanda for 40-50 million USD. Delivery Hero is a similar platform like Foodpanda. This company’s headquarter is situated in Berlin, Germany. Delivery Hero serves in the European countries.

Within a very short time Foodpanda acquired the Asian market very successfully. Foodpanda now operates in Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan. Foodpanda also established their business in the Balkans such as Bulgaria and Romania.

Foodpanda got a boost in their business when Delivery Hero took them over. After this event, Foodpanda got a rebranding. This rebranding helps them to acquire the market more successfully.

There are many reasons behind the success of Foodpanda. Foodpanda is very cheap in comparison to their other competitors. But do not think that with cheap pricing their service is also cheap. Though the money they charge is cheap, their service is world class.

Foodpanda is very much consumer friendly. The user interface of their app is very much interacting and easy to use. Anyone can use it without any doubt. The website of Foodpanda is also easy to use.

In most of the countries Foodpanda is available 24/7. No matter where you are, what time you want to have good food, just bring out your phone and order the food right away.

Foodpanda is also well known for their discounts. Foodpanda gives a lot of discounts on a regular basis. They also give discount vouchers to the regular customers.

Foodpanda wants to know about the experiences of their customers. They want to know what the consumers are thinking about them and their services. So they have a large number of employees dedicated to the task of communicating with the customers through helpline or call centers and through other methods. Foodpanda takes their customers’ opinions very carefully and wants to solve the problems if there’s any in a very short time.

Foodpanda Philippines Contact Number

There can be many reasons to communicate with the foodpanda team. You can contact them as an owner of a restaurant. You can also contact them as a customer. As an owner of a restaurant one can face many difficulties or maybe you want to work with Foodpanda.

You need their assistance in order to deliver your food. As a consumer you can call them if you face any difficulties with your Foodpanda account or if you face any inconvenience in the delivery. To call them you have to know the right number as there are different numbers for the call centers in every country.

If you are currently living in the Philippines then you can call at the following number: +63 45 457 8781. You can also email them at the following address:
You can use them too and search for assistance.

Helpline Number of Foodpanda Philippines

There can be many reasons to call Foodpanda at their helpline number. You have a query about them, you want to work with them, you are dissatisfied with their service and want to let them know about it, you found any inconvenience in the delivery system.

So, if you are currently residing in the Philippines and want to call them on their helpline then you should take a note of the following number: +63 45 7227. You can also email them at this address:

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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