Freeman Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

The medical care system of the present world is totally different from the medical care system a few years back. Our world and lives are going through a very dramatical change in these present times. Modern technology has brought revolution in all sectors of mankind. The way we use to farm our lands, the way we used to communicate, the way we used to live our lives and many more things have changed in the last few years just because of the advancement of technology.

We do not need to step outside our houses any more to make a living as we can now work from home. We can send a message to a person who is living on the other part of the planet in a few seconds. With all these changes the medical care system of the world has also changed a lot. Nowadays, doctors can treat almost all kinds of diseases and the average life expectancy of people has also increased over the years.

There are some hospitals which are more capable than the others in terms of providing medical care. The Freeman Hospital of England is one of the hospitals which is popular among the people because of its extraordinary treatment. The Freeman Hospital is a hospital which consists of 800 beds and it is situated at Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The hospital was established back in 1977.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is in charge of managing the hospital. The Freeman Hospital is affiliated with Newcastle University for the medical teaching purposes. The hospital is a place of excellence in case of medical care as this hospital is one of the main hospitals of the UK for organ transplantation. The success rate of organ transplantation in this hospital is very high compared to most of the hospitals of Europe. The hospital is named after a tenant farmer named Patrick Freeman.

To become a successful hospital is a huge task for any hospital these days. As a hospital needs many things at its disposal to become an international standard hospital these days. Doctors play a crucial role in the success of a hospital. The doctors of the Freeman Hospital are very much qualified and know everything about the medical sector. These doctors acquired their medical degrees from well-known medical universities and also have a huge experience in the field of medical treatment. A total of 451 consultants are available in this hospital.

These 451 consultants are from different departments. There are a number of departments available in the hospital. All kinds of modern medical treatments are available in this hospital. Gynecology, cardiology, cancer, dental, eye screening and many more departments are available here. The name of the doctors and all the details about them are available on the website of the Freeman Hospital.

So, if you need to learn about the doctors or are looking for any kind of consultants then you should check the website of Freeman Hospital out. The patients can also take an appointment with the doctors using the website.

Beside the doctors, the hospital has many other features which help the patients very much. Such as this hospital has a pretty big emergency and trauma center. The emergency service of the hospital is very good and responsive. 24/7 ambulance service is also available at this hospital.

The other medical staff of the hospital are also very experienced. To operate a medical institute of international standard, the hospital needs modern diagnostics and other medical machineries. The Freeman Hospital has it all at its disposal.

Another thing which is very important these days for the hospital is a hotline or helpline center where the patients can call and fulfill their queries. Freeman Hospital also has a contact number which is also used as the hotline number of the hospital. The contact number of the Freeman Hospital is: +44-191-233-6161. Patients can also call at this number if they have any kind of complaint about the service of Freeman Hospital.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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