Frimley Park Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

With the passage of time the complications of our lives are increasing. Our lives are much better than our ancestors and there is no question about that but with the advancement of our lives many complications have also surrounded us. The health-related complications have also increased over the years. Some people are very much concerned about their health but the others are not that bothered by their health problems and for that reason they have to suffer in the long run.

The eating habits of the people around the world is also very much responsible for health issues as the tendency of eating junk food increased in the last few years. Climate change and global warming also have a distinctive effect on the people.

As the health complication rate increased over the years the importance and demand of world class medical care increased by much. The medical care sector has also gone through huge changes in order to cope with the modern demands. Many hospitals around the world helped the medical care system to evolve and become the modern medical care system.

The Frimley Park Hospital is one of the greatest hospitals of England. The hospital was established back in 1973. Since then, the hospital has become popular among the locals. Later the fame of the world reached out to all corners of the European region. The hospital became more crucial for the people when the Cambridge Military Hospital got closed back in 1996. After the closure of the Cambridge Military Hospital the Ministry of Defense selected the Frimley Park Hospital as the substitute of the former hospital.

This hospital is a super facilitated hospital. The bed count of the hospital is around 938. It is one of the largest hospitals in England. The hospital is situated at Frimley, Surrey, England. Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust manages the Frimley Park Hospital. There is also an emergency department available in the hospital. The emergency department of the hospital is of international standard.

All kinds of facilities the patients seek in the emergency departments are available in the hospital. The hospital also has a helipad for emergency services. The Care Quality Commission rated the hospital ‘outstanding’ back in 2015. This hospital has all the necessary things of modern medical care. The hospital is also famous for their dealings with the Royal family. Many babies of the Royal family were born in this hospital. Beside many other popular figures born here.

The doctors, nurses, surgeons and all the other medical staff of the hospital are very much experienced and know how to do their job. The technicians who handle the medical machinery are also very skillful. We all know that the diagnostics test plays a huge part in modern-day medical treatment. The diagnostics test of this hospital is 100% accurate. The treatment cost of the hospital is pretty low compared to the other hospitals with the same facilities.

In today’s world the patients are very much aware about the medical care system and they want to know about the doctors before they see a doctor. For that the Frimley Park Hospital has uploaded all the necessary things on the website of the hospital. As most of the people have access to the internet in the present days, it is very easy for the people to just go to the website and learn about all the things they want to know about the doctors. The patients can also take an appointment from the website.

There is also a 24/7 customer support center available in the hospital. This support system is totally online based. To get in touch with this support center the patients have to call at the hotline contact number of the hospital. This contact number helps the patients very much. These contact numbers have various kinds of usage. The contact number of the Frimley Park Hospital is: +44-300-614-5000.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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