Glasgow Royal Infirmary Doctor List and Contact Number

The name Glasgow Royal Infirmary is a prominent name in the field of medical care. This is a very popular hospital not only in the UK but also all across Europe. This hospital is one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the entire world. When we are talking about the Glasgow Royal Infirmary then it is inevitable that we also have to talk about the history.

This hospital may be one of the hospitals of the UK which has a profound history. It takes time to become a top-notch hospital and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary is the perfect example of that. The history of the hospital is around 250 years old.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary was established back in 1794. The hospital is situated at Castle St, Glasgow, Scotland. This is one of the largest teaching medical institutes of Scotland. The hospital is managed by the NHS Foundation Scotland. The hospital is affiliated with the University of Glasgow for teaching purposes. There are 1077 beds available in the hospital.

The bed count of the hospital also makes it the largest hospital of Scotland. The hospital went through two major rebuilds. The first one in 1909-1924 and the second one in 1974-1982. There are all kinds of treatments available in this hospital as there are a huge number of departments available in the hospital. There are also three special departments available in the hospital which are gynecology, cardiology and plastic surgery.

This hospital is a witness of the history of Scotland. The hospital went through major changes after the world war ll. It is not so easy for a hospital to survive for so long as the medical care system of the world is changing rapidly. But the Glasgow Royal Infirmary updated itself with the passage of time. Glasgow Royal Infirmary is now one of the most advanced hospitals of the world.

All kinds of modern medical machinery and technology of modern medical science is available in this hospital. The doctors of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary are the best in the Scotland region. The nurses, the technicians and all the other staff of the hospital are very much dedicated and know their job. The surgeons of the hospital are also skillful and have a vast amount of experience in the field of medical care.

The emergency department is a crying need for most of the patients. Without the emergency department a hospital is not complete. The emergency department of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary is very good. The service of this department is top-notch. The emergency department of this hospital is one of the largest in the entire country. The hospital also offers 24/7 ambulance service to the patients.

The Glasgow Royal infirmary is popular not only because of its treatment facilities but also for the research capabilities. It is an institute which takes the matter of research very carefully. Many staff of this hospital have published notable research works over the years.

The doctors of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary are highly qualified and possess a vast amount of experience in the field of medical care. These doctors also do research work and try to keep their knowledge up to date as the medical care sector is changing over time. Nowadays the patients want to know more about the doctors beforehand. Patients do not want to see a doctor without any kind of information.

For that reason, the Glasgow Royal Infirmary has uploaded all the necessary data of the doctors on the website of the hospital. On the website there is also an option to make an appointment with the doctors. So, if you want to know about the doctors of this hospital then go to the website of the hospital.

The hospital also has a 24/7 helpline or hotline number. These helpline or hotline numbers are very much necessary for an enterprise like the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. These contact numbers have a lot of purpose to serve. The contact number of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary is: +44-141-211-4000.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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