Ibn Sina Hospital Delivery Package 2024 – Cost for Normal, Painless & Cesarean Delivery

Bangladesh has improved a lot in every sector since the country has gained independence. Once an underdeveloped country has turned into a place of wonder as the economy of Bangladesh is rising annually and the average life expectancy has increased much. The United Nations ranks the nations and the nation’s life style based on some things like per capita income, average life expectancy and infant mortality rate. All these things has improved by a large margin in the last two or three decades in Bangladesh. With the emergence of a new dawn of development the public and private both medical sectors have thrived in last few years.

There are a lot of world class private hospitals in Bangladesh in present times. Some of the hospitals are so good that many foreigners visit Bangladesh just to see doctors from these hospitals. Ibn Sina Specialized hospital is one the best private hospitals in Bangladesh. It is a subsidiary of the Ibn Sina Trust. Ibn Sina Trust was founded back in 1980 by the man called Md. Ataur Rahman.

The goal of this trust was to establish medical facilities across the country. Ibn Sina Trust has a lot of hospitals, diagnostics centers, medical laboratories, consultation centers and pharmaceutical enterprises across Bangladesh. More than 5000 employees work for this organization.

The most popular and important venture of Ibn Sina Trust is the Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital. Beside the specialized hospital Ibn Sina Trust owns two more general hospitals. The Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital was established back in 30th June, 1980 and since then it has been treating patients relentlessly. Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital is situated at Dhanmondi, the heart of Bangladesh’s capital. This hospital consists of 300 beds and all the modern facilities one would expect from a world class hospital. The hospital is an ISO certified organization and many well-known hospitals around the world accept the diagnostics reports from this hospital.

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital and the other two general hospitals of the Ibn Sina Trust treat all kinds of illnesses. Over the years the hospitals have gathered all the best doctors, surgeons and other medical stuff to ensure the quality of its treatment. Quality control is a huge thing for Ibn Sina Trust and it has maintained quality in all the subsidiaries of their organization.

There are a lot of departments in all the hospitals of Ibn Sina Trust and all the departments are run by a set of well qualified doctors. The departments Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital possesses are Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Gynecology, dental and many others.

The gynecology department of the Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital is top notch and one of the best in the entire country. There are a bunch of well qualified gynecologists who are well qualified and have vast experience in the field. In this Gynecology department you will also find one of the gynecology surgeons of Bangladesh.

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital knows how to take care of a mother and a new born baby. The best part of this hospital’s treatment is they observe the patients very closely and treat them accordingly. If the patient can deliver a baby normally then the doctors won’t tell a thing about Caesar and if the Caesar is essential for any patient they will tell it immediately to the patient. Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital does not tell patients to do cesarean surgeries until it is necessary.

In recent years Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital and the other two hospitals of the organization have launched some packages for the patients who need the attention of the gynecology department. All the packages are very much affordable. These packages vary from TK 35000 to TK 55000. In these packages all the medication and the diagnostic services are included. Even the hospital will also provide medical attention to the new born baby for the first seven days.

In recent times the Ibn Sina Trust has expanded its area of operation outside Dhaka in many cities. So, if you are looking for medical attention do not hesitate to contact them.

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