Ibn Sina Hospital Test Price List 2024

Ibn Sina Hospital is one of the oldest private hospitals of Bangladesh. Ibn Sina Hospital was founded by the Ibn Sina Trust back in 1980. The main goal of the trust was to provide quality health care to the people of Bangladesh at an affordable price. Ibn Sina Trust is a prominent name in the private medical sector of Bangladesh.

Ibn Sina Trust has a bunch of hospitals, diagnostics centers, medicine stores, laboratories, pharmaceuticals industry and consultation centers. Over the years the Ibn Sina Trust gained a humongous amount of popularity and respect in the field of medical care. Ibn Sina Trust started its journey with only 13 members. But over the years the Ibn Sina hospital has grown much.

Ibn Sina hospital is located at Dhanmondi, the heart of Dhaka city. The hospital consists of 350 beds and more than 5000 employees work here. Ibn Sina hospital is known for its delivering quality treatment at a very low price. The motto of Ibn Sina is to provide high end medical treatment at an affordable cost. This hospital has treated a lot of patients over the years and all of the patients liked the care of Ibn Sina Hospital.

All the doctors of Ibn Sina are well educated and experienced for the job. Not only the doctors but also all the other medical staff, surgeons and the technicians of Ibn Sina Hospital are very much sincere and dedicated to their jobs. But we all know that the medical sector of the world has changed a lot in the last few years and an educated man power is not enough for providing good medical care. Nowadays many more things are necessary for the job such as modern diagnostics equipment and medical machinery. Without the modern equipment no hospital can deliver world class treatment.

Ibn Sina has all the elements needed for a modern hospital. The diagnostics center of Ibn Sina Hospital and all the other diagnostics centers which belong to the Ibn Sina Trust are all up to date and the cost of tests here is very cheap. The test reports of Ibn Sina are so accurate that many international class hospitals in Europe and America accept the test reports of Ibn Sina Hospital. The technicians who handle the equipment of testing are also very good at their job. For all these reasons patients prefer Ibn Sina Hospital above many other hospitals.

All kinds of treatment are available at the Ibn Sina Hospital. No matter what the disease is, you can surely find a solution at this hospital. There are a bunch of departments in this hospital and all the departments are run by some excellent doctors. The surgeons of these hospitals are also very experienced. The laboratory of Ibn Sina Hospital is very good and all kinds of tests are available here. Ibn Sina also delivers the test reports at a very low amount of time possible.

Basic health screening costs at Ibn Sina Hospital TK 4600. The executive health checkup for above 40 years old males costs around TK 7000. For females the executive health checkup costs around TK 6500. Cardiac screening package costs around TK 5000. The Liver screening package costs around TK 6000. Diabetic screening costs TK1700. Thyroid screening package costs TK 4150.

Renal screening test costs TK 3500. Cancer screening package for male costs around TK 4200 and the same test for female patients costs TK 6,300. The price of the pre-marital checkup package here costs around TK 3800. The price of a smoker’s health screening package is around TK 3000.

So, if you or anyone you know wants to do some health screening or testing then they should definitely check out the website of Ibn Sina Hospital as they are offering international standard test results at a very low price. The accuracy of the test results are 100%. Ibn Sina is a very good place for the diagnostics tests without any doubt.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:57 am

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