Labaid Specialized Hospital Cardiologist Doctor List

The hospital that changed the perspective of the medical care system of Bangladesh is Labaid. Labaid Specialized Hospital is a subsidiary of the Labaid group. Labaid hospital was founded back in 2004. Since then it has led the way of modern medical care in Bangladesh.

There are a lot of high end hospitals in Bangladesh nowadays but none of these can be compared to Labaid. Labaid is known to people because of its low cost and world-class service. Labaid hospital’s main branch is situated at Dhaka the heart of the capital city of Bangladesh.

Labaid is a specialized hospital for cardiovascular diseases and diagnosis. It also treats patients for other diseases too. Labaid started its journey with a team of doctors who were well known for treating cardiovascular diseases but later Labaid stretched its parameter of treatment.

If anyone is looking for the best treatment for cardiovascular complications without any doubt Labaid is the hospital they should look for. Besides a team of well qualified doctors, Labaid also has the best nurses, technicians and a well-trained support team. Labaid also has the most skillful surgeons of Bangladesh at its disposal.

Now the question can appear to one’s mind: what is a cardiovascular disease? Cardiovascular diseases are the diseases which are related to the heart, blood vessels and blood flow.

There was a time when many Bangladeshi people had to go abroad to seek high end medical attention as there were no world-class private hospitals in Bangladesh and many people did not want to go to the public hospitals as these hospitals are too much crowded all the time. The doctors cannot pay attention properly in these circumstances. But after Labaid came into the medical care industry it changed the game. People who reside in Bangladesh do not need to visit the foreign countries because they can get world-class treatment at their doorsteps.

Labaid also has many more services other than hospital treatment. Labaid has ambulance services, medicine stores, diagnostic centers and many more services. In recent times, Labaid has also opened many branches of its hospital across Dhaka.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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