Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Number

Labaid the name speaks for itself. Labaid is one of the best private hospitals in Bangladesh. Labaid specializes in cardiology treatment and diagnosis. But do not think that Labaid is a hospital for only cardiac patients, Labaid treats other patients too.

Labaid was founded back in mid-2004. It is the first high-end private hospital in Bangladesh. Before Labaid no hospital in Bangladesh could provide world-class treatment to the patients. There were a lot of local private hospitals but treatment was not up to the mark in those hospitals. So, many Bangladeshi people had to go overseas for treatment purposes.

Labaid was founded by the Labaid group to solve the problem of this overseas treatment. Bangladeshi people spent $200 million a year for overseas treatment. After the foundation of Labaid Specialized Hospital, this tendency of foreign treatment changed in Bangladesh.

When Bangladeshi people think about world-class treatment in their own soil, the first name that comes into mind is Labaid. Labaid has been treating patients for almost two decades now and it has gained the trust of people solely.

Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Number

Labaid is a synonym for trust in the field of treatment. Labaid has a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, highly skilled nurses and dedicated surgeons. The surgeons who work for Labaid are top-notch. Labaid also has the latest machinery of the time in its possession.

Labaid has doctors of various kinds such as: Cardiologists, Neurologists, Orthopedics, Eye specialists and Gynecologists.

The motto of Labaid is the well-being of patients. For this reason, Labaid works 24 hours. Labaid has a hotline that is online 24/7. So, that patients can fulfill their needs whenever they need to.

Labaid’s treatment status is world-class but Labaid’s treatment expense is pretty cheap. Labaid’s treatment expenses are so cheap that most of the people of Bangladesh can afford it with ease.

In recent times, Labaid also opened a dental clinic that is also treating people quite well. Labaid also opened many branches in various locations of Dhaka and A branch in Mymensingh.

Labaid is a role model for the medical field of Bangladesh and paved the way for a new era of medical science.

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