Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Labaid Specialised Hospital based in the capital of Bangladesh is a prominent figure in the history of Bangladesh’s medical field. Labaid was founded back in 15th July, 2004. With the founding of this specialised hospital a new era of modern medical science emerged in Bangladesh.

Labaid is the first private hospital in the country that offered world class medical facilities. Labaid is specialised in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diagnosis. Labaid is equipped with the most modern technologies and machinery of all kinds. The doctor’s team Labaid has is remarkable, all the doctors are well qualified and experienced. Labaid also has one of the most skilful surgeons working for them.

Labaid is known for two factors and these are: Labaid the most experienced cardiologists to its disposal and the surgeons Labaid has is topnotch in the entire sub-continent.

Labaid was founded with a view to providing world-class medical assistance to the patients and so far it has done it quite well. Every year a lot of patients of Bangladesh travel abroad for medical purposes and it costs the patients a lot of money. So, Labaid was founded to prevent this incident from happening.

Nowadays we see a lot of specialised private hospitals in Bangladesh but Labaid is the pioneer of them. Labaid is quite different from these hospitals too. Labaid has a hotline on which people can call 24/7. In recent times, Labaid also introduced medical delivery services. In Bangladesh, this delivery service is only provided by Labaid.

Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

We have mentioned above that Labaid is known for its cardiologists and surgeons. But they also have other types of skillful doctors too such as: Gynaecologists, Neurologists, Orthopaedics and many more. Labaid’s doctors are so well qualified that people form many neighbouring countries visit Bangladesh to consult with the doctors of Labaid.

Patient’s wellbeing is the main concern of Labaid. Labaid tries to help the patients in every way possible. There are some private hospitals that charge huge amounts of money or try to deceive the patients with unnecessary tests and medication. Labaid has been in medical service for almost two decades now but no one ever charged any acquisition against Labaid.

Labaid Specialized Hospital Doctor List 2021

Labaid the name speaks for itself beyond any introduction. Labaid Specialized Hospital commonly known as Labaid is an international standard hospital situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Labaid group founded this hospital on 15th July, 2004.

With the foundation of Labaid Specialized Hospital a new era of medical treatment emerged in Bangladesh. Labaid was founded with an ambition to treat the patients of Bangladesh according to international standards. After two decades of its service to the patients the ambition is being fulfilled without any doubt.

Labaid is the first private hospital in Bangladesh that offered world-class treatment in Bangladesh’s soil. Back in the time when Labaid was founded there was no high-end private hospital in Bangladesh. So, patients have to visit foreign countries in order to receive enough medical attention. But the scenario changed dramatically when Labaid came into the medical field. Labaid is a specialized hospital for cardiovascular diseases and the diagnosis related to these diseases.

Labaid started its journey as a specialized hospital for cardiovascular disease though day by day it has improved its facilities and became a hospital that can treat almost all kinds of patients. Labaid has the most skillful surgeons and most proficient doctors of every field. Labaid now has doctors of these genres: Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Orthopedic, Eye Specialist and others.
Labaid is there for the patients 24/7.

Whenever a patient needs its assistance Labaid is there for them. Labaid’s doctors, nurses, surgeons, technicians and all the other crew are one of the finest in the country. So, if you want to see them for any kind of illness or medical advice you have to make an appointment first.

Without an appointment you cannot see a doctor unless you are admitted into the emergency department. To make an appointment, the patients or anyone who wants to see a doctor can call at the hotline number of Labaid. You can also get an appointment from the reception of the hospital.

Over the years Labaid has become a prominent figure in the field of medical treatment and now Labaid is expanding its boundary as the time passes.

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