Labaid Hospital Mymensingh Doctor List

Labaid Specialized hospital is known for its world-class treatment facilities. Labaid hospital is the first private hospital in Bangladesh that introduced international standard medical treatment in Bangladesh.

Labaid Specialized Hospital is a subsidiary of the Labaid group and was founded back in the mid-2004. Labaid hospital was founded in order to provide world-class treatment. Before the foundation of Labaid, patients who were seeking high end medical attention had to go abroad. After the foundation of Labaid this tendency declined by a large scale.

At the early stages Labaid was a specialized hospital for cardiovascular diseases, but later Labaid stretched its area of treatment. Now patients can find almost all kinds of medical services here. If the patients are looking for a hospital where they can get world-class treatment at a cheap price, Labaid is the place where they should visit.

Labaid has the most qualified doctors, experienced nurses, skillful surgeons, well trained technicians and a support team who works 24/7. To become an international class hospital, these all things mentioned above are required and Labaid has it all.

Gynecologists, Neurologists, Orthopedics, Cardiologists, Dentists, Eye Specialists and many more kinds of doctors are available here. Labaid also has the most advanced technology and equipment required for any world-class hospital.

Labaid’s main branch is situated at the Dhanmondi, the central hub of the capital. Besides, Labaid has many branches around Dhaka city. Labaid also opened a branch at Mymensingh. Patients can get all the services here the same as the main branch.

Dhaka is a very crowded city and patients who come to Labaid’s main branch from outside Dhaka city have faced many problems over the years. So, this branch is for those patients who do not want to face the hassle of Dhaka.

Labaid has many other medical services available for the patients beside hospitals. Labaid has diagnostic centers, medicine shops and ambulance service too. In recent times, Labaid also started a medical delivery service. This kind of service is very new to Bangladeshi people. No hospital has ever introduced any kind of delivery service before.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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