labaid Hospital Dhanmondi Orthopedic Doctor List

Labaid Specialized Hospital is a legendary medical service institute of Bangladesh. To the residents of Bangladesh Labaid is a name of trust and excellence. On 15th July of the year 2004, Labaid group founded Labaid Specialized Hospital as a subsidiary of the main group.

Since then Labaid hospital has come a long way. The main branch of Labaid Specialized Hospital is situated at Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Later Labaid opened many other branches of the hospital across the capital of Bangladesh.

Labaid started its operation as a specialized hospital for treating cardiovascular diseases. Day by day Labaid improved its service and also added new services to its huddle. Now Labaid treats patients for almost all the diseases. The doctors Labaid has is one of the finest available in Bangladesh. Labaid has doctors such as: Cardiologists, Gynecologists, Neurologists, Orthopedic, Eye Specialists and many more.

To become a top-notch hospital in this century is not an easy task. With only world-class doctors it is merely impossible, the hospital also needs a team of qualified nurses, experienced technicians and a support team who can talk to the patients or with the other people who have some kind of query.

Labaid has all these things at its dominion. Labaid also updated its machinery over the years and now it possesses the most advanced technologies of medical science. Labaid is also known for its surgeons, the surgeons Labaid has is world-class without any doubt.

The Orthopedic department of Labaid is very popular among people due to its quality treatment. The team of orthopedic doctors Labaid has is one of the finest in Bangladesh. The orthopedic doctor is a doctor who treats diseases related to the bones.

Bone fracture is a common thing in Bangladesh. Most of the people here have broken at least one of their bones in a lifetime. So, if you or anyone you know are suffering from bone complications you can seek the medical attention of Labaid’s orthopedic team without any hesitation.

To see a doctor from Labaid at first one has to make an appointment. You can make the appointment via calling or from the reception.

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