Labaid Hospital Test Price List 2024

Medical care is one of the most essential things for a human being. Medical attention is a must for every individual. The medical care sector of our world has come a long way over the years. Once there was a time when people suffered very much just because of lack of enough medical care but those days are long gone. Medical science has improved very much and maybe we are living in an era of the most advanced medical care.

Medical care is not only about good doctors and good medication anymore. There are a lot of factors which are connected to the good medical care system such as diagnostics and advanced medical technology play a huge part in the new dawn of medical science. All the best hospitals of the world now possess heavy medical machinery for diagnostics and for other medical purposes.

In the past we the people of Bangladesh suffered a lot due to lack of high quality diagnostics and good hospitals. But the time has changed and the private medical sector of Bangladesh has thrived a lot in the last few decades. A few years back Bangladeshi people had to go to neighboring countries or travel overseas just to seek medical attention but nowadays most of the advanced treatment is available in Bangladesh and people do not need to travel abroad for medical purposes.

Traveling for medical purposes is a daunting and very bothersome task. The cost of seeking medical care overseas is also very much expensive. So, when the private hospitals emerged the people of Bangladesh were very much relieved. There are many private hospitals in Bangladesh which now offer world class medical care at a very reasonable price.

Labaid Specialized hospital is undoubtedly one of the best private hospitals of Bangladesh. Labaid is a hospital which is specialized in the Cardiovascular diseases. Labaid hospital is a subsidiary of the Labaid group. The main branch of the hospital is situated at Dhanmondi the main hub of the capital city of Bangladesh. There are also many other branches of Labaid hospital across Dhaka and recently a new branch of Labaid hospital has been established in Mymensingh.

Labaid group also has many diagnostic centers and medicine stores. Labaid has the most qualified doctors, experienced surgeons and all the modern equipment a world class hospital needs nowadays. Though Labaid is a specialized hospital but all kinds of medical treatment is available here and all the diagnostics tests of Labaid is top notch and 100% accurate.

There are various kinds of tests available here. The general health checkup package ranges between TK 5000 to TK 7000. The premier health checkup package is TK 10,000. The liver screening packages vary from TK 5300 to TK 7000. Renal screening tests vary from TK 8,000 to TK 10,000. Diabetic patient’s health screening packages vary from TK 9,000 to TK 11,000. Pre-marital screening of health packages are TK 7,200. Smoker’s health screening packages vary from TK 8000 to TK 10000.

Cardiology screening tests cost TK 4500. Gynecology or women health care screening costs TK 8200. There are also full body screening tests available for both adults and children and there are three packages such as Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Silver full body screening costs around TK 9,000. The Gold screening package costs around TK 12,000 and the Platinum full body screening package costs around TK 16,000.

There are many other diagnostics services available at the Labaid hospital. So, if you are looking for a place where you can do the diagnostic tests of your or someone you know then Labaid is definitely the place where you can go. You can also call on their hotline or check out the website of Labaid hospital to see all the diagnostics packages. Labaid is a name of reliance and trust. If you are looking for a world class treatment and diagnostics at a reasonable price then there is no other hospital better than Labaid in the region.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:57 am

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