Labaid Specialized Hospital Eye Doctor List

Labaid is one of the first-class hospitals in Bangladesh. There are many high-end hospitals in the country but it is Labaid that is the pioneer among these. Labaid Specialized Hospital was founded by the Labaid group in 2004. Since then this hospital has become an icon in the medical sector.

In Dhanmondi, Dhaka the main branch of this hospital is situated. Patients from all over Bangladesh come to this hospital to seek medical assistance. The name Labaid speaks loud enough for itself.

There was a tendency among people of Bangladesh to visit foreign countries to fulfill their medical care needs as they did not trust the medical care system of Bangladesh. After Labaid started its journey, people found a light of hope. Most of the people who went to many countries for medical assistance, they switched their trust to Labaid.

Labaid Specialized Hospital is not only a hospital it is more like a whole medical care system. In the early days, Labaid only treated the patients who were suffering from cardiovascular diseases. By the passage of time Labaid has improved its capabilities. Nowadays Labaid treats almost all kinds of Patients.

Labaid has doctors of various kinds such as: Gynecologists, Orthopedics, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Eye specialists, Dentists and many more. Labaid also has experienced nurses, skillful technicians and world-class surgeons.

Eye specialists of Labaid are well qualified and they have degrees from many respective institutions. The eye specialist Labaid is one of the best in the country. The eye surgeons of Labaid are known for their skills and experience in the following field.

To get an appointment with a doctor you can call at the hotline number of Labaid or you can go directly to the reception of the hospital. Without an appointment one cannot see a doctor.

Labaid has opened many branches throughout the years. Most of these branches are situated in Dhaka and one is situated at Mymensingh. All of the branches are quite the same. Labaid also has medicine stores, diagnostic centers and ambulance service.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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