Lagos Dating WhatsApp Group Link in 2024

We are living in the age of social media platforms. Without social media our present life is unthinkable. In the last two decades social media platforms have become an essential thing for all the people around the world. Nowadays social media platforms are not the mere luxury of a few people but these platforms have become a necessity for most of the people around the world.

The emergence of the internet and technological advancements have made it possible for social media platforms to reach out to all the corners of the world. In this present time most of the people around the world have smartphones and access to the fast internet. People use these things in their day to day life.

Even a few years ago these social media platforms were just used as a means of communicating with other people. But now the whole scenario has changed as the social media platforms offer a lot more than just communicating. News alerts, job notices, shopping, attending meetings, learning new things and a lot of things you can find here these days. And these new features are the main reason for the booming social media industry.

WhatsApp the name surely speaks for itself. Most of the People all over the world know the name of this platform and use it on a regular basis. WhatsApp Messenger is an American freeware which is commonly known as WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a text messaging and Voice-over-IP centric platform. WhatsApp was founded for smartphones, tablets and for the devices which support cellular networks as you need a cellular mobile phone number to sign up for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was founded back in January, 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Later the social media giant Facebook took over WhatsApp in February, 2014 for USD 19.3 billion. Since then WhatsApp has been owned by Facebook till date. WhatsApp has two subsidiaries which are WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp clients.

When WhatsApp was launched it was only a platform where you can only send text and voice messages but over the years WhatsApp has included many options. Nowadays, users can send documents, audio files, video files and many other attachments. Users can also give audio or video calls to other users. The group feature of WhatsApp is very useful as you can talk with a lot of people here in these groups at the same time.

In recent years in many countries people use the group feature of WhatsApp for dating purposes. There are a lot of groups in many countries where you can find single males and females to date. Nigeria is a country where people use WhatsApp on a daily basis and the Nigerian people also use the WhatsApp groups in the means of dating.

Many Nigerians do not like to use dating platforms as they find the platforms very difficult to use and they feel like these platforms are just a burden. These people want to find their date on the platforms they use already, they do not want the hassle of a new platform. That’s when the group feature of WhatsApp comes into play.

Nigerian people also have concerns about dating platforms. Are these dating platforms safe or not, the terms and conditions of these dating platforms are also very much difficult for them to understand. But the privacy and safety issues of WhatsApp are top notch and all the conversation of WhatsApp is end to end encrypted. End to End encryption means no one other than the participants of the conversation can know a single thing about the conversation, not even WhatsApp.

There are also different groups for the different cities of every country. Lagos is a city in Nigeria and there are some dedicated dating groups for Lagos only on WhatsApp. So, if you are looking for a dating partner from the same city then you should join these groups.

These groups are well regulated by the admin panels. So, you will not find any fake people here. These groups are the best alternative of dating platforms.

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