London Bridge Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

The world is going through a huge change at the present time. Today’s world is a world which is truly dependent on technology. Without technology we cannot do a single thing in the world nowadays. The advancement of technology has changed all the things around us. With all the changes the medical industry of the world has also changed. Nowadays the doctors can treat most of the diseases.

There are only a few diseases which have no cure. In the past people used to die of fever but the times have changed a lot over the years and now people do not fear diseases that much. With the advancement in medical science, the scientists have invented many vaccines and other solutions to get a human being affected by a disease.

Many hospitals played a very important role in the development of medical science and the London Bridge Hospital is one of them for sure. London Bridge Hospital is one of the best private hospitals in England. The hospital is a subsidiary of the HCA International group. HCA International is a for-profit organization and the main name of the organization is HCA Healthcare.

Worldwide HCA Healthcare owns around 186 hospitals. The headquarters of the organization is situated at Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The London Bridge Hospital is also a hospital which is run by HCA Healthcare. The hospital is situated at the bank of the River Thames. This hospital has a capacity of housing 250 patients at a time. There is also a dedicated emergency center in the hospital. All kinds of modern medical machinery are available in the hospital. All kinds of modern medical treatment are available here.

This hospital has a dedicated ambulance service too and the service is available 24/7. The whole medical team of the hospital is very much dedicated and experienced. The doctors who work here have a very distinguished academic background and they have earned their medical degree from well-known medical universities. The nurses of this hospital are very much experienced. The surgeons of the hospital are also world-class. Technicians who run the diagnostics center of the hospital and the laboratory are also very much skilful.

All these things make a hospital an international class hospital. All the hospitals which are run by the HCA Healthcare group are fabulous. There are a lot of departments available in the London Bridge Hospital. There is also a dedicated cancer treatment unit available in this hospital. Over the years the hospital has treated a lot of cancer patients.

The consultants of the hospitals do not need any kind of formal introduction as all the consultants have an international reputation as doctors. The consultants of the London Bridge Hospital also have a huge experience in the field of medical care. The number of consultants working here in this hospital is around 120. The details about the consultants are available on the website of the hospital.

So, if a patient is interested or needs any kind of information about the doctors then they should visit the website of the hospital. The patients can also make an appointment with a doctor by using the website. The time table of the doctors is also provided on the website.

The hospital also has an emergency contact number or hotline or helpline. Nowadays the helpline numbers are very much needed for an enterprise like huge hospitals. These hotline numbers are very crucial for the hospitals. These hotlines have multiple usage such as the patients can call here when they need emergency medical assistance, the patients can also call at these numbers for any kind of query and the patients can also file a complaint in these hotlines. The contact number of the London Bridge Hospital is: +44-20-3553-9022. There is also a number for the appointments and enquiries and the number is: 020-3811-6288.

If you are looking for a hospital which is less crowded but also possesses world-class standards then you should do some research on the London Bridge Hospital.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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