Popular Diagnostics Center Test Price List 2024

The world around us is evolving day by day and with the world the way of living is also changing. Our lives have changed so much in the last few years that it feels like we are living in a totally new world. Nowadays our lives are dependent on technology very much. Without technology we cannot think of living a single day. The evolution of the internet and technology has turned our world upside down but in a good way.

Technology is essential in all aspects of our lives. Even in the medical sector the technology plays a very important part in these modern times. Those days are long gone when the entire medical sector only relied on doctors but nowadays the medical sector is equally dependent on the doctors, the medical staff and on the medical technologies. To perform a simple operation all the surgeons need to rely on the technology or the medical machinery.

Diagnostics are another thing which plays a huge part in modern medical science. Without the accurate diagnostics report the doctors cannot identify the real disease. To identify a disease the importance of diagnostics are undeniable. The citizens of Bangladesh used to go to the neighboring countries for quality treatment as there were no good private hospitals in Bangladesh back then. The test reports of the traditional diagnostics centers were faulty too.

But as the time passed the medical sector of Bangladesh has changed a lot. A number of world class private hospitals and diagnostics centers are now available in Bangladesh. These hospitals and the diagnostics centers provide the patients with high end facilities and deliver world class treatment. As these hospitals and diagnostics centers emerged the sufferings of the Bangladeshi patients have reduced by a large margin.

There are a lot of good diagnostics centers available in Bangladesh and Popular Diagnostics Center is the best among all of them. Popular Diagnostics Center is a subsidiary of the Popular group. Popular group has a lot of enterprises related to the medical industry. Popular Group has a hospital, medical college, diagnostics center and medicine store across the nation.

There are a lot of branches of the Popular Diagnostics Center in the major cities of Bangladesh and all the branches are equipped with all the modern equipment a world class diagnostics center needs. All kinds of diagnostics services are available at these diagnostics centers.

Popular Diagnostics Center got a huge popularity in the last few years because of its dedication, accurate reports and low cost. The diagnostics centers of Popular are very much dedicated to their job and all the employees of Popular Diagnostics Center are well qualified for the job. These employees are also very much friendly and know how to deal with the patients.

The reports of the Popular Diagnostics Center are 100% accurate. Diagnosis reports play a huge part in the modern days without any doubt. Without the accurate diagnosis reports modern medical science is simply blind. So, the doctors put a great emphasis on the accuracy of the diagnosis reports. Popular has all the modern equipment needed for a world class diagnostic center.

All kinds of diagnostics test is available at the Popular Diagnostic Center you can think of. Blood drawing test costs TK 600. Blood drawing, screening and grouping tests cost a total of TK 2100. The CLO screening test costs around TK 650. Colonoscopy test with Polypectomy costs around TK 25,500. MRI of full spine costs around TK 4500. The skull MRI costs TK 3000. Video Sigmoidoscopy costs around TK 4000. Many other diagnostic tests are available at Popular Diagnostic Center.

So, if you are looking for a world class diagnostics center where the test reports are 100% accurate and the prices are comparatively low then Popular Diagnostics Center is definitely a preferable choice. You can also visit the website or call at the customer care service center of the Popular Diagnostics Center for more information about their service. Popular Diagnostics Center is also available at all the major cities of Bangladesh. So, you do not need to go to Dhaka in search of a good diagnostics center.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:57 am

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