Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Doctor List and Contact Number

When we are talking about the most advanced medical system in the world, the name that comes to mind is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital of Birmingham. This hospital is not only an ordinary hospital, it is more of a monument. It is also one of the best facilitated and biggest hospitals you can find in the entire world.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital was established back in 1933 and it treated patients till the year 2010. Then on 16th June, 2010 the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital started its journey. This hospital has the capacity to house 1215 patients at any given moment. This hospital is affiliated with the National Health Service or commonly known as NHS. This hospital is located very close to the university of Birmingham.

The cost of establishing this hospital was around £545 million. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is one of the biggest single-site hospitals in the entire Europe region. It is also one of the largest medical teaching institutes of the UK. The hospital is named after Queen Elizabeth. King George VI was the husband of Queen Elizabeth.

The service of this hospital is top notch in the entire world without any doubt. All kinds of medical treatment are available in this hospital you can think of. The solid organ transplant programme of this hospital is one of the finest and largest in Europe. The renal transplant of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is the best in the entire world. This hospital is also the ‘National Specialist Center’’ for the heart, liver and lung transplantation.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is also a center of excellence in the cancer treatment field. The largest critical care unit is available at this hospital which is 100 beds in a single floor. This hospital is also the Royal Centre for Defense Medicine as the soldiers who get injured in the wars are treated here. The emergency department of this hospital also has a major trauma center.

The service of this hospital is one of a kind and there is no doubt. All the modern equipment of modern medical science is available here. For the outstanding performance this hospital also received many awards over the years. This hospital has also produced a number of good doctors and nurses as a medical teaching institution. The hospital also has 24/7 emergency service and a helipad so that patients who are far away from the hospital can also come to the hospital as soon as possible in the time of emergency.

The doctors of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham are one of the finest in the entire world. All of the doctors of this hospital have graduated from various well-known medical universities or colleges. These doctors also have a huge amount of experience in the field of medical treatment. The surgeons of this hospital are also top notch and their skillfulness is beyond imaginable.

It is the same hospital where Malala Yousafzai got her treatment when the Taliban shot her in the head. Back then the surgeons and the doctors of this hospital tried their best to save Malala. There are more than 250 well-qualified doctors providing treatment in this hospital.

To know more about the doctors the patients can visit the website of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. In the website you can find all the things you need to know about the doctors. The patients can also get the doctor’s appointment from the website of the hospital.

The emergency service of this hospital is always open for the patients and the hotline contact number is also 24/7 online. If you need any assistance from the hospital, want to set up an appointment with a doctor, have any queries about the hospital you can call at the hotline or helpline number of the hospital. The support team will try to answer all your questions or solve your problems as soon as possible.

The contact number of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is: 0121-371-2000. If you call at this number you will get in touch with the support team of the hospital right away.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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