Royal Berkshire Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

It is really a thing of wonder how much we have evolved since the beginning of time. We not only evolved as a species but also, we have changed our surroundings as per our needs. We invented wheels so that we can carry ourselves and our essential goods. We have invented the internet and many other communication technologies so that we can communicate easily with each other.

With all these things we also invented a lot of things for our medical needs. In the past there was no medical system available to the people. But as we grow as a race the medical care system has changed much and nowadays, we have all kinds of medical treatment available to us. Nowadays the doctors can treat almost all kinds of medical complications.

In the field of medical care some hospitals are better than the others. Some hospitals also performed miracles over the years in some cases. The Royal Berkshire Hospital is one of the hospitals of England which has created history in the field of medical care. This hospital is a very popular hospital both in England and in the entire European region.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital is one of the largest and finest hospitals in England. There are more than 1000 beds available in the hospital. The hospital also has a dedicated emergency unit. The hospital is located at the town of Reading in Berkshire, England, United Kingdom. This hospital is also operating under the supervision of National Health Service or commonly known as NHS. Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust manages the hospital. There are more than 5000 employees who work in this hospital and the hospital has a budget of around £228 million for each year.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital was established back in 1839. The land of the hospital was donated by Henry Addington, a former prime minister of England. When the construction of the hospital was happening the Royal family of England took a great interest in the hospital and donated a huge amount of wealth to the hospital. In the campus of the hospital there is also a heritage center which reflects upon the history of the hospital.

Beside the history and the artefacts, another thing which is very much necessary in the field of medical science is being up to date with the rest of the world in case of medical care. The Royal Berkshire Hospital has updated itself with the passage of time and also invented a few things in the field of medical care. All the employees of this hospital are very much dedicated and have a huge amount of experience in the field of medical care.

The doctors of the Royal Berkshire Hospital are well educated and these doctors have completed their education from well-known medical universities. The surgeons of the hospital are also top-class and the success rate of these surgeons are 100%. The other medical staff of the hospital are also very skillful and know how to deal with the patients.

The patients prefer to know about the doctors before getting an appointment. For that reason, the Royal Berkshire Hospital has uploaded the doctors list of the hospital in the website. In the website the patients can find all the essential information about the consultants of the hospital. The practice schedule of the doctors, their area of expertise is available on the website. There is also a dedicated option on the website from where the patients can get an appointment with a doctor.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital knows about the needs of the patients and for that reason, the hospital has also established a helpline center for the patients. This helpline is an over the phone service. The patients can call at this number and let the hospital authority know about any kind of inconvenience, the patients can also call if they have any kind of queries about the hospital. The contact number of the Royal Berkshire Hospital is: +44-118-322-5111. If a patient calls at this number and seeks help then it is evident that he/she will get assistance for sure.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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