SnackVideo WhatsApp Group Link 2022

We are living in an age of technology and the internet. We do not need to go outside in order to support our livelihood, we can simply sit in our house and do the work we need to do without any kind of hassle. We can do almost everything from our home nowadays.

We can do our office work, attend classes at our educational institutions, do our grocery shopping and almost everything a man needs in order to live his life. He finds it online. Our life is becoming more and more easier day by day. With all the changes happening around us, our way of living has also changed enormously.

People nowadays spend a lot of time on social media as there are a bunch of social media platforms people use on a daily basis. These platforms have become an essential part of our life. Nowadays we do not only use these platforms just to communicate with others or just to find new friends. In social media you can find the latest news, online stores, medical assistance, educational content and countless other important things.

The way of people’s entertainment has also changed and they are switching to short video sharing platforms more and more. Beside TikTok there is another platform which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times which is SnackVideo.

SnackVideo started its journey in China with the name Kuaishou in 2011. In 2011 Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co. LTD launched a platform called ‘GIF Kuaishou’ later in 2012 the company switched its business to short video sharing platform and renamed the platform to Kuaishou. ‘Quick hand’ is the literal meaning of Kuaishou. After a short period of time this platform got a huge recognition from the Chinese people who live in the rural areas. Later Kuaishou was launched to the international market with the name SnackVideo.

SnackVideo was not that much popular in the world but in recent times it has gained much popularity and the user count is rising dramatically. There are around 1 billion active users on this platform worldwide and annually on average USD 60 billion worth of financial transactions occur in this platform.

In the year 2020 the annual revenue of SnackVideo was around USD 9 billion. The main competitor of SnackVideo is TikTok. The reason behind SnackVideo’s recent success is it has hired the top notch people from the top notch corporations like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok and from other platforms.

Like the other platform users, SnackVideo users also felt the necessity of an online community so they have created many groups on many other social media platforms because the SnackVideo app does not have a decent texting option.

WhatsApp is where most of the SnackVideo groups are available. SnackVideo users all over the globe also use WhatsApp to maintain and communicate with the other users.

In these groups SnackVideo users talk about the platform, how to use the app and how to maintain the community standards. Maintaining community standards are very important in these video platforms and most of the new users get banned just because they are not aware of the community standards.

Sometimes many users face issues with their account and that’s when the groups come handy. If a user is facing any kind of issue with their account they can post about it in these groups and seek for assistance. Finding a solution here is easier than anywhere on the internet.

There are some influencers on these groups too. So, if you need any free tips and tricks to increase your follower count you can surely ask for help in these groups without hesitation. The influencers who have a huge follower count also arrange some kind of free workshops online and they invite all the new members of the group there. You can also attend those.

If you are a regular user of the SnackVideo platform then you should definitely join these groups. The members of these groups are very helpful and friendly.

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