Square Hospital Delivery Package 2024 – Cost for Normal, Painless & Cesarean Delivery

Once upon a time Bangladeshi people had to rely on the neighboring country for modern medical attention as the medical infrastructure of Bangladesh was very poor back then. But the days are long gone. Nowadays patients from neighboring countries visit Bangladesh in order to seek world class medical attention. There are many private hospitals in Bangladesh which are capable of treating patients by maintaining world class standards. Over the years these hospitals have treated a lot of patients and saved a lot of money and the bothersome experience of travelling abroad while you are ill.

Square Hospital is one of the best private hospitals you can find in Bangladesh. The name Square Hospital speaks for itself. No formal introduction is needed when we are talking about the most advanced and flagship level hospital of Bangladesh. Square Hospital is considered as the “Center of Excellence” for its quality service and advanced method of treatment. Square Hospital is situated at Panthapath, an epicenter of Dhaka. Square Hospital is a subsidiary of the Square group. It was founded back on 16 December, 2006.

The hospital was founded by Samson H. Chowdhury, the former chairman of the Square group. There are three high-end private hospitals in Bangladesh which are Apollo Hospital Dhaka, United Hospital and Square Hospital. These three hospitals are the pioneers of modern medical treatment in Bangladesh. Square Hospital was founded on the basis of partnership with some of the most influential hospitals around the globe.

Most important and powerful people of Bangladesh get their treatment from Square Hospital. So, it may be the most influential hospital of Bangladesh. Square gained popularity and fame for many reasons. First of all, when the hospital was founded many Bangladeshi people had to go abroad for advanced level medical treatment. It is very much difficult for a patient to travel abroad to see a doctor and seeing a doctor overseas is very much costly too. So, when Square Hospital started its journey people of Bangladesh were relieved that they did not need to go abroad for medical purposes anymore.

There are many factors behind the success of a hospital and doctors are one of them. The doctors of Square Hospital are well-qualified and have vast experience in the field of medical science. Another important part of a hospital is the surgeons, medical staff and medical machinery and all these things are top notch at Square hospital. The surgeons are very skillful, the medical staff of the hospital is very much hard working and the technicians who handle the medical machinery at the hospital are dedicated to their work.

With the passage of time, Square Hospital also improved their services. Nowadays there are many online services available at the Square Hospital. A patient can consult with a doctor over video call and the doctor will e-mail the prescription just after the meeting has been finished. Square Hospital also has a 24/7 customer support service and an ambulance service.

There are a bunch of departments in the Square Hospital such as Cardiology, Urology, Neurology, Gynecology, Dental, Skin care and many others. Square Hospital treats almost all the diseases. All of the department of Square Hospital is outstanding and has created history over the years in the private medical sector of Bangladesh.

The Gynecology department of Square is very popular as the delivery succession rate here is very good. The most qualified and experienced Gynecologists of Bangladesh are available here. So, if you are looking for the best Gynecologists available in Bangladesh you should definitely go to Square Hospital.

There are also many delivery packages available here in the Gynecology department. It is very difficult for the family members to take care of the patient and manage the medicines and other essential things for the patient at the same time and that’s when the delivery packages come in handy. Just buy your desired package and spend time with our patient, the hospital will take care of all your needs accordingly.

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