Square Hospital Test Price List 2024

Square Hospitals Ltd is a very popular name in the private medical sector of Bangladesh. The name Square resonates all around the medical sector of Bangladesh for various reasons. Square hospitals is a subsidiary of the Square group and the square group has been in the medical sector for more than three decades.

Square Group has a medicine production lineup, diagnostics center and hospital. Square Hospitals Ltd was established back in 2006 by Samson H. Chowdhury, the founder and former chairman of Square Pharmaceuticals. Square Hospitals Ltd has a capacity of 400 beds and the bed count was limited to 300 beds when the hospital was founded. Square Hospitals Ltd was established with a partnership with some well-known hospitals around the world such as Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Raffles Hospital, Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore and Care IVF Centre of Singapore.

There are top three hospitals in Bangladesh which are considered to be the most advanced and high end hospitals of Bangladesh and Square Hospitals Limited is one of them. The other two hospitals are Evercare Hospital Dhaka which was formerly known as Apollo hospital Dhaka and United Hospital. Square hospital is a top notch hospital without any doubt. The Square Hospitals Limited is situated at Panthapath the heart of the capital.

Square hospital has its own 24/7 emergency service care and ambulance service. The diagnostics test of the Square Hospital is also top notch and the test reports are so accurate that many international well-known hospitals take these reports without any question. From the doctors to the test reports everything is international standard at the Square hospital.

In this modern era of medical science it is nearly impossible for the doctors just to find out about the actual disease without any kind of test. The tests also help the doctors to define and contain the disease easily. So, the importance of diagnostics tests are increasing day by day as the diseases are becoming more and more complicated. For these reasons the scientists and the doctors have invented many new technologies and developed many new medical machinery in order to improve the diagnostics test reports.

The medical scenario of Bangladesh was very much on the back foot for a long time. But the time has changed enormously in the last few decades and now in Bangladesh you can get the international standard medical treatment without any hassle. In fact the tendency of people going abroad to seek medical assistance has also been reduced by much in the last few years. And the medical scenario has changed just because of the hospitals like Square Hospitals ltd.

Square Hospitals Limited has the most advanced medical machinery available for their patients and all the modern equipment needed for all kinds of diagnostics tests are also available at this hospital. The price of the tests are very much expensive here but the test reports are 100% accurate in this hospital. For those who have no financial issues can definitely do their diagnostic tests at the Square Hospitals Ltd.

There are a bunch of tests available at this hospital and all the tests are performed by the most experienced technicians. The basic health screening test here costs around TK 5000. The executive health screening costs TK 8,500. Tumor profile screening costs around TK 9,000. The premium Neonatal screening here costs around TK 19,000. The moderate Neonatal screening costs TK 8,990. The basic Neonatal test costs TK 3,000. The pre-marital health screening costs TK 8,490. The price of Liver screening here is TK 7,490.

As you can see from the passage above, the price of every test is a bit expensive here. But the quality of the tests and the reports are one of a kind. All the tests occur in the high end laboratory and the technicians are very much dedicated. So, if you are looking for the best diagnostics test center then you should come to the Square Hospitals Ltd and they also deliver the reports within a very short time.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:57 am

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