St. Thomas’ Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

The medical science of todays’ world has come a long way since the beginning of human history. It has become a wonder how the world around us is evolving and with the changing world the medical care system of the whole world has changed very much. Nowadays we can treat almost all kinds of illness, except one or two. There are some hospitals around the world which can treat patients much better than the others and St. Thomas’ Hospital of London is one of those hospitals.

This hospital is a place of excellence in case of medical treatment. This hospital is an ancient one as the history of the hospital dates back to 1200 A.D. The foundation of this hospital was laid on its back in late 1100 A.D. Back then the name of the hospital was different. Later on, in 1862 the name of the hospital was changed to St. Thomas’ Hospital. St. Thomas’ Hospital is one of the hospitals which shares its history with the UK.

In these modern times this is one of the most super facilitated hospitals in the world. St. Thomas’ Hospital is not an ordinary hospital, it is also an institution which teaches medical science to a lot of medical students. The hospital is affiliated with the National Health Service or commonly known as the NHS. The hospital is also affiliated with two more institutions such as “King’s Health Partners” and “academic health science center”.

St. Thomas’ Hospital is a part of the “Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust” administratively. Though it is one of the finest hospitals of London, it does not charge a single penny to anyone as it is a charitable hospital. St. Thomas’ Hospital is located at Southwark at the bank of the River Thames. The House of the Parliament is situated opposite this hospital. For its location the St. Thomas Hospital is one of the most prominent landmarks of London.

St. Thomas’ Hospital is without any doubt one of the best hospitals you can find around the world. The hospital is also enriched with history. Over the years this hospital has produced one of the best doctors as the hospital offers undergraduate and graduate medical degrees to the medical students. St. Thomas’ Hospital has all the things needed for an international class hospital.

The doctors of the hospital are well educated and have a vast experience level in the field of medical science. The nurses and the other medical staff are also very much capable of delivering well medical treatment. But we all are aware that for good medical treatment we also need modern medical equipment these days and St. Thomas’ Hospital has all the modern medical equipment necessary for the job. The diagnostics tests of this hospital are 100% accurate. All the other facilities like ICU, ICCU and all the other kinds of intensive care units are also available here.

The doctors of this hospital are very friendly and try to help the patients in every way possible. These doctors have treated a huge number of patients since the foundation of the hospital. There are a lot of departments available in the hospital and all the departments have a set of experienced doctors. To know more about the doctors, you can dive into the website of St. Thomas Hospital. In the website you can find all the details you need about the doctors. You can also find the suitable consultant on the website.

St. Thomas Hospital also has 24/7 emergency service available at their disposal. Whenever you need their assistance, they will attend to your needs as soon as you call them or inform them. For this reason, St. Thomas’ Hospital has also established a hotline support team for this reason. The helpline or hotline number of the St. Thomas Hospital is: 020-7188-7188. So, if you need any kind of medical assistance in London just give a call at this number without any kind of hesitation.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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