United Hospital Delivery Package 2024 – Cost for Normal, Painless & Cesarean Delivery

There are some fundamental needs of every human being without fulfilling these needs people’s lives are not that much better than the other creatures on the planet. Medical treatment is one of those needs and may be one of the most important one too. In the early days of humankind there was not much of medical science so the mortality rate of young people was very high. Even people back then died by fever also but the situation has changed over the course of time and medical science has flourished outstandingly. Modern medical science is more developed than ever and doctors can treat and cure most illnesses.

Nowadays we have specialist doctors for almost all kinds of illness. We have different kinds of surgeons for different kinds of surgeries. The technological advancement also changed the medical sector entirely. The medical sector of the entire world is now dependent on heavy medical machinery. The surgeries which used to take 10 to 12 hours of heavy labor, doctors can perform these surgeries now only in 2 to 3 hours. The diagnostic tests are now more accurate and can help the doctor to identify the disease more easily and accurately. Scientists have also developed many new medicines which also help the patients to recover faster.

Like the rest of the world the medical sector of Bangladesh has also changed enormously. The days are long gone when Bangladeshi people had to go abroad or the neighboring countries for world class medical treatment. Now there are a lot of private hospitals which offer world class medical treatment in the soil of Bangladesh. With the emergence of many world class private hospitals the tendency of Bangladeshi people to travel abroad to seek medical assistance has decreased by much.

Going abroad while you are ill is a mammoth task and the abroad treatment is also very much costly. So, when these world class hospitals emerged the people of Bangladesh got a huge relief. These hospitals have the most qualified doctors, skillful surgeons, dedicated medical staff and all the modern technology a world class high-end hospital would need nowadays.

There are three high-end hospitals in Bangladesh and the hospitals are Evercare Hospital Dhaka, Square Hospital and United Hospital. Among these three United Hospital is the most advanced and the number one ranked hospital in Bangladesh without any doubt. United Hospital started its journey back in the mid 1980s and back then it was called the Continental Hospital. Later in 2004 the hospital was bought by the United Group and changed the name of the Hospital.

The Continental Hospital started its journey as the United Hospital back in 2006. The hospital is situated beside the Gulshan Lake in Dhaka. The hospital has a capacity of treating 500 patients at a time. The heart surgery rate of succession of United Hospital is 98%. United Hospital has treated more than 200K emergency patients, 425K Cardiac patients, 39 kidney transplants and done successful radiation on 185K patients.

There are a lot of departments in the United Hospital and all of them are world class. Cardiology, Gynecology, Oncology, Dental, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cancer treatment and many other departments are available in this hospital.

The Gynecology department of United Hospital is the best available in Bangladesh. The succession of delivery rates in this hospital is 100% and the care of a newborn baby is very good. The gynecologists of United Hospital observe their pregnant patients very carefully and then decide how the baby will be delivered. After the baby is born the hospital also takes care of the baby very carefully.

There are also various packages available for the delivery which are called delivery packages. If you buy a package the hospital will take care of everything the patient needs. From the cost of the operation to the cost of the medication and also the medical treatment of the infant is included in the packages if the infant needs any medical attention. These cost between TK 110K to TK 245K.

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