University College Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

When we are talking about the medical care of London the name first comes to mind is University Medical College Hospital. University College Hospital or commonly known as UHC is a medical training hospital. This hospital is also affiliated with the NHS foundation trust. The hospital is also closely correlated with the University College London.

This is a very popular hospital around the world and the reputation of this college is sky-high. This is a very old hospital but it has updated itself with the passage of time. Beside the medical purpose the hospital is also an important landmark for the history of England. All kinds of modern medical care are available at this hospital.

University College Hospital started its journey back in 1834. At first the name of this hospital was North London Hospital. In 1842, the London University now commonly known as University College London was searching for a hospital where their medical students can see the patients first hand.

For this reason, the London University asked the governor of the Middlesex Hospitals refusal, the London University merged their medical faculty with the North London Hospital and soon after that the name of the hospital was changed to University College Hospital. This is also the hospital where the famous English Novelist George Orwell was also admitted to this hospital and this is the same hospital where he took his last breath. The capacity of this hospital is 665 beds.

Which means this hospital can house up to 665 patients at a time. Back in the year 2000 the hospital went through a huge renovation and around £ 422 million were spent to renovate the hospital. The hospital is situated at Bloomsbury, London, England.

The University College Hospital is a very popular hospital among the people of London and England because of its reputation. All the doctors of this hospital are well known for their expertise in the field of medical science. These doctors also have huge experience in the medical care sector.

The doctors are also very much friendly with the patients. Beside the doctors the other medical staff and the nurses are very much dedicated and skilful. The University College Hospital also has all the modern medical machinery. The diagnostics center of this hospital is also top-notch. This hospital also offers 24/7 emergency service. The cost of treatment at the University College Hospital is pretty low.

When we are talking about the doctors of the University College Hospital, we do not need much of an introduction. University College Hospital has also produced a number of well educated doctors in the past. If you are interested more in the doctors of the University College Hospital than you should check out the website of this hospital. In the website you can find all the information you need about the doctors. You can also get an appointment from the website. Via the website you can also get in touch with the doctors personally.

As a super facilitated hospital University College Hospital also has a 24/7 hotline or helpline center. A patient can call at this hotline whenever they want. The people who talk to the patients in the hotline are very polite. The hotline support is very active and tries to solve the problem of the patients as soon as possible. The patients or the other people can also call at this hotline if they face any emergency situation where they may need medical assistance.

Patients can also call at this hotline if they need an appointment with a doctor. If you have any inquiry or want to ask any question about the University College Hospital then you can surely call at this hotline number without any hesitation. The hotline number of University College Hospital is: 020 3456 7890. You can also email them at the following address:

If you are looking for a hospital which can provide world class medical care at a lower cost in London. Then you should surely try out the University College Hospital.

Updated: October 21, 2023 — 7:51 am

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