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WhatsApp the name speaks for itself. No formal introduction is needed when we are talking about the most used social media platform of the 21st century. WhatsApp is a freeware which originated in America and the headquarters of WhatsApp is situated in California. After releasing WhatsApp, it got a huge popularity in a very short period of time. People all over the world like to use this platform on a regular basis.

WhatsApp is a text messaging and Voice-over-IP centric smartphone app. But WhatsApp also has a web version of its services and it also released apps which can run on computers. Brian Acton and Jan Koum, these two men are the founders of this amazing application. They founded WhatsApp back in January, 2009. The coding language used for the WhatsApp algorithm is pretty unique and the coding language is Erlang. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook back in February, 2014.

WhatsApp was bought for about USD 19.3 billion by Facebook. Over the course of time WhatsApp also introduced some subsidiaries and the subsidiaries are WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp client. In the year 2015, WhatsApp was named as the most popular texting platform of the world. As of 2020 the total user count of WhatsApp is more than 2 billion. WhatsApp is downloaded more than 1.5 billion times from the Google Play Store and more than 1 billion times from Apple Store.

WhatsApp gained an enormous number of popularity in the last few years. There are a lot of reasons behind the success of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is very much easy to use. The app of the platform is very simple and attractive. If you have a little bit of knowledge about smartphones and the internet then you can surely use WhatsApp without any difficulties. As the time passed WhatsApp introduced many new features like documents, photos, audio and video file sending options.

WhatsApp also introduced a free audio and video calling option. The most amazing thing about WhatsApp is the privacy and security features of WhatsApp. No one other than the participants of a conversation can read the texts or the contents of a conversation. Not even WhatsApp has the right to look into a conversation. All the conversations on this platform are end to end encrypted. WhatsApp is very fast and the network issue or server down issue is very uncommon with WhatsApp.

American people like to use WhatsApp on a regular basis. Like the rest of the American people, the people who live in Washington also love to use WhatsApp. We know that Washington is the place where the most important people of America reside. Diplomats, Senators, the cabinet members of Congress, the President of the USA and many other high profile people live in Washington. These people want a way to communicate between each other via a platform which is secured, fast and respects the privacy of its users. So, the residents of Washington prefer to use WhatsApp rather than the other social media platforms.

People also use WhatsApp because it is very easy to use the groups of WhatsApp. People all over the world like WhatsApp groups. In these groups you can talk with a lot of people at the same time and it can save a lot of time.

People who reside in Washington also use these groups and there are some dedicated groups just for the Washington people.

Community groups are very much popular in Washington. In these groups all the members of a community join and talk about their community and what is the problem or issue the community is facing these days. Then all the members discuss how to get rid of these problems. If there is no issue to discuss about then the community members just chit-chat which makes their bond more strong.

Groups of Health and fitness are also popular among the people of Washington. In these groups’ people of various ages talk and give advice to each other about fitness and health.

There are many other groups like fashion groups, current affairs groups, sports groups, gaming groups and many more.

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