Zomato Customer Care Number Vijayawada – Helpline Support Contact Number

E-commerce sites are becoming more and more popular day by day. E-commerce sites are such a blessing for all the people living on earth in this present age. E-commerce sites are websites from where consumers can buy goods and services. In a nutshell, e-commerce sites are online stores.

In these sites a man can find almost all kinds of products these days. E-commerce sites sell products such as groceries, garments, travelling packages and almost everything people need to lead a life. A new kind of e-commerce platform is gaining popularity nowadays which is food delivery platforms or apps.

Food delivery platforms bridges between restaurants and the consumers. A consumer can order food from a restaurant via these platforms and a delivery man will deliver the food within 20 to 40 minutes to the exact location the consumer wants. Going to restaurants is not easy these days as people are becoming busier day by day. Sometimes people also want to enjoy their favorite food in the middle of their work and that’s when these food delivery platforms come handy.

There are a lot of food delivery platforms available these days around the globe. Some food delivery platforms are global and some delivery platforms are local. Zomato is one of the most popular delivery platforms you can find out there. This India based food delivery platform is very popular among the food lovers around the world.

Pankaj Chaddad, Gunjan Patidar and Deepinder Goyal these three Indians founded a food delivery platform back in 2008 and named the platform Foodiebay. In the first two years the main concern of this food delivery platform was to get a hold of the Indian market. But later on 18th January, 2010 this food delivery platform expanded its area of operation and the name was changed to Zomato.

From that time on Zomato has stretched its operation to almost all the corners of the world. Zomato is now available in more than 10 thousands cities of 30+ countries. Zomato is not only a platform where consumers can order food, it is more than that. Zomato is a mobile app based food delivery platform where you can find reviews of a restaurant, the elaborated menu and people can also discuss food here.

Zomato is becoming more and more popular as the days are passing by across the globe. The delivery charge of Zomato is lesser than the other popular food delivery platforms. The app or the website of Zomato is free to use and the user interface is very simple. Consumers find the app very interactive.

Slow server and server down due to technical issues is a great hold back for many of the food delivery platforms but Zomato has no issues of that kind. The employees of Zomato are top notch. The employees of this particular platform know how to handle pressure and impress the consumers with good service.

Zomato is also known for its discounts. If consumers order food via the Zomato app most of the time they get a good amount of discount. Another thing which separates Zomato from the other food delivery platforms is the after sales service or the customer care service of Zomato is very good.

Customer care is very much needed in order to flourish in today’s e-commerce sector. Consumers want to get in touch with the e-commerce platforms these days and the customer’s opinions are very much important for the companies too. If a company or a corporation does not communicate with the customers then the business is an endgame.

For these reasons Zomato has also established a lot of customer care services for the consumers. All these customer care centers are virtual, meaning you can contact them via call, email or the app of Zomato. Consumers let the customer care service know about the issues they are facing with Zomato’s service and the support team of Zomato will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

The restaurant owners can also call here and talk with the support team if there is any issue. All the contact number and email id are provided on the app and in the website of Zomato.

Updated: October 20, 2021 — 12:26 pm

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